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Title: Forum genesis...
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This forum came about after a conversation Evan and I had a few days ago as the COVID-19 impact started to manifest itself. We both felt that it was important for staff to stay connected during the stressful times of the COVID-19 telework event, but generally this was something we both have been mulling over a long time since we had a lot of shared experience years ago in an online gaming forum, which turned into a thriving community connecting people from all over the world on topics rarely about gaming oddly enough. Back in the early days of EOD we even had a division forum set up in phpBB which was a bit hit for a while. It can be a really cool, fun, and useful venue when everything is working properly, and we hope to inspire something similar here. Feel free to post anything you want but please try to avoid anything too seriously work-related (not a place to discuss SSC recommendations!), or seriously contentious like rants on political or religious topics. One of the downfalls of a forum community is when it becomes a soapbox or Thunderdome arena. The moderators and admins here can nip that in the bud but please try to keep it civil so we don't have to get heavy-handed!
If you saw my 2-minute spiel at the last All-Hands then you know I have strong feelings about incorporating the Hawaii concept of ohana to the PIFSC workplace. Part of an effective ohana is having good communications, and these forums could be a mechanism for such communications, at least that is the hope! So please participate!

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