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PIFSC HALEA Forum -- A MyBB forum with the Square theme and GoDaddy Web Hosting -- An online community to help us stay connected -- A nice alternative to endless emails and bloated inboxes -- An unofficial, fun venue where we can communicate -- Please refrain from serious work stuff, political & religious rants, etc -- Sign up if you would like to join this online community -- Only members can post, and starting in April only members can see content -- Click on the "Register" button above to get started!

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Title: Welcome!
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Welcome to the PIFSC HALEA Forum!

Hopefully this is the first message you read... lots of general info to follow...

This forum was set up by HALEA in response to the 2020 COVID-19 extended telework event at PIFSC as a means for staff to stay connected while they are working from home. HALEA encourages PIFSC staff to sign up and participate. We also welcome any non-PIFSC-staff who have a connections somehow to PIFSC, as that diversity will help keep our online community interesting and thriving. 

An online forum is a website where users can engage in communication with each other, while avoiding endless emails, unwanted cc's, and bloated inboxes. Individuals can come visit anytime they wish, read what they want, post/respond what they want, at their own leisure. There are also none of the emotional stresses or bandwidth requirements of a group video call. Individuals can be as active as they want or just "lurk" and read the forums (just be aware that even "lurkers" will have to sign up eventually).

In terms of content, we created a number of forum categories to help keep things organized. This will assist you in finding what you might be looking for, or finding the appropriate place to post your question or information. If you have any suggestions for categories please let us know. We would strongly prefer that these forums be used primarily for sharing practical information and engaging in dialog mainly of a non-work, not-overly-controversial nature. For example, this is not a venue to engage in arguments over the latest SSC recommendations or long political rants or long religious rants. Foremost we also need to respect the privacy of our fellow employees so please be respectful there and avoid rumor-mongering or panic-stoking. Other than that, most any topic is fair game, especially the fun ones!

This posting you are reading is the "Public" area of the forum, viewable by anyone who has the url to this website. Registered members are also able to view and post here. Starting April 1, 2020 this is the only portion of the forum that will be viewable to non-members. All the other forum areas will only be viewable and postable by registered members. Many people have legitimate concerns about privacy, and after April our community will be members-only and our staff of forum administrators and moderators will keep an eye on membership to ensure our group integrity remains intact. But of course please use a healthy dose of common sense and don't put any PII anywhere on the forums, whether in a posting or in your profile. 

Registration is very simple, just click the "Register" button up above to start the process. Whatever email address you use for registration will be sent an activation email for you to complete your registration. After that, you just need to sign in when you visit the forums so that you can be recognized and given access to the members area of the forum.

This forum is set up on non-work server (GoDaddy) using the forum software package called MyBB. It is sporting the add-on theme called "Square" with a few customizations (such as the scrolling news ticker). For now, HALEA is sponsoring this forum and is taking the lead on the day to day forum operations. The forum has started as a HALEA initiative, but we hope to bring the PEC and JIMAR Council aboard to help guide and maintain this community. And if any of you have a strong interest in an online forum we will be happy to enlist your help in this project as it evolves.

Thanks for reading this long post, please sign up, and please post something!

Happy April everyone!
Per above posting, the PIFSC HALEA Forums are now member-only for viewing and posting. This "Public" area is the only viewable area for the non-registered, non-member, general public. Membership is open to anyone interested but obviously much of our discussion revolves around PIFSC so hopefully you have some connection to PIFSC if you are signing up...
Stay safe everyone!

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